Sunday, 19 August 2018

I misjudged her

Her star sign was Cancer
Perhaps that's a warning
Now that she has ripened
As an adult with zip

Those leather belts she wears
The way she walks and turns
Silver bangles jangling
Now who wears kirby grips?

Empty pleasures attract her
Horse racing's betting ring
Flaunting her new oufits
Girl, you give me the pip

The way she laughs out loud
Her silly wave to me
I recall who she was 
My girl in a gym slip

When I had op on my spine
Of my friends she was the first
To visit me and that's
How to measure friendship

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  1. True friends sometimes come clad in strange garb, but they show up when we need them the most.

  2. We always know those who are our true friends. Lovely!

  3. She sounds like she has style and pizzaz.......and how to be a friend.

  4. How rare such people are to find these days! We should hold onto them 💖

  5. Ah yes a friend in need...
    Happy Sunday Robin

    Have to look up kirby grips😊


  6. Shows how much she values him. She was there by his side when he needed friends.
    Hope he gets well soon and all is well:)
    - Anita

  7. I would say this is truly a good friend!

  8. Ah, it is always great to have a friend like that. We all have this need to cherish and be cherished.

  9. somehow, you will always know who are your true friends, regardless of what they wear. :)
    i had to look up kirby grips. we know them by another name here.

  10. Food friends are hard to find. Kirby grips?...South Australian corsets:)

  11. Ah, not so shallow after all. Lovely tale.