Tuesday, 21 August 2018

When I was courting

When I was courting
We often used her front room
Just the two of us

There we might listen 
To her classical music
And we would unwind

Amid sighs of joy
We'd listen to Ludwig's ninth
And other movements

At the slightest sound
I would control my ardour
Switch from bold to cold

Skeptical sister 
Would then burst through the doorway
Grin on her young face

"Can I come in here?
It's boring out there with them
I've drink and cookies!"

No sword defeated
A great battle plan so well
As that kid sister

Image found at https://thoughtcatalog.com/

This poem from 2013 has been been waiting for a rerun so this is it's chance


  1. little sisters or brothers ... the pesky kind! LOL - well, you've certainly painted a very realistic tale here .... it's making me laugh, because I would have to be "the little sister" ~ but if I were to be making a case for my defense, I would cry "but it's not my fault I came after you!" - except honestly, I don't think I much cared for being bothered to bother the brother. LOL ... apart from a few moments ;)

    lovely reflection here, I can almost hear the symphony and feel the tension of "waiting" with stretched ears for any external sounds ...

  2. I must confess that I was that little sister. And... that I knew exactly what I was doing. Mischievous young siblings can be such a cooling horror on loving, lol!

  3. Someone always spoils the fun!

  4. Lol yes younger siblings are oblivious to mood and surroundings and are expert in creating trouble and mischief­čĺ×

  5. Ah, this is so sweet. You portray the setting so well in your words — those inquisitive kids ruining everything. Ha!

  6. Very fun and, I needed fun today.

  7. LOL, I know a child who is exactly the same way. I think it was part of her plan so she could always be the youngest and baby of the family. :D