Sunday, 5 August 2018

Entwined by the young

Grandchildren run down the beach
Buckets in hand
Across the sand
We settle in a deckchair each

I keep an eye on the wee pair
They pick up some stones
As I rest my bones
But close my eyes in the deck chair

The seas song sooothes me fast asleep
Shading my eyes
While Seagull cries
Until I hear not a single peep

I know not how long that I'd slept
Heard distant drones
Weight on my bones
Woke, found that I was quite inept

A seaweed skein draped on my head
Shells on my chest
Pebbles and rest
That weighed down my merman's bed

Soon sea shanty's refrain was sung
Crowds were abuzz
Laughed at the fuss
No shame to be entwined by the young

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  1. I love this poem.. can picture every minute

  2. 🤗luv this

    Happy you dropped by my Sunday Standard today Robin


  3. Ha ha! I love the dreamy sleep and the kids impish fun.

  4. Such a wonderfully peaceful picture you paint here, Robin 💞

  5. Kids are the best, even when we are the butt of their jokes or the living art brewed out of their wild (yet innocent) pranks.

    I love this so much, especially the fact that the speaker doesn't care. Letting the wee ones be who they are is the best gift we can give, and he does it so well.

  6. I love the idea of him being decorated like a merman while he was sleeping. Can imagine the smiles when he woke up.

  7. I love it when kids have fun--good, clean fun--at an oldster's expense!

  8. Oh ... so glad it ended like that, I was almost scared for those children playing by themselves.

  9. i loved this sonnet! great write!

  10. This was a great poem--love the idea of incorporating the sleeper into the story they were imagining. :)

  11. Love the sentimentality here! What bliss!

  12. This made me smile as I could see the whole thing, there was a sense of playfulness in the air.

  13. Funny … charming … well crafted and wonderfully rendered. This one, brought a smile.

  14. Ha ha, a scene so often played out on our beaches.

  15. heh, what a fun read. you write the most delightful poems! :)

  16. I like the jaunty rhyme and rhythm of this poem, Robin, which suit the content. As it happens, We went to Cromer with my daughter, grandson and son-in-law yesterday. We had a walk on the pier and watched people catching crabs in buckets dangled over the railing.
    I love the way your seaside sleep becomes a merman's dream.

  17. A delightful poem, Robin. I can just picture you decorated.