Sunday, 19 August 2018

The green fairy

The girl in green hides in the mist
She caught my eye and stared at me
Then disappeared through the pine trees

Her sweet face one I could kiss
The fog rolled in to blanket all
I love the forests mysteries

Wist these howls and puckery
What's the meaning of ancient tongues?
Now gone like smoke by witchery

I never thought I'd see her again
As I lay in bed some days passed
At the window, a rap, a plea

So I got up at once to find
Her smiling face through hazy glass
Let her in...I'm a fool you see

Not so much to regret that day
For our sweet love was well worth while
Together now for centuries

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  1. Fairy folk and eyes meeting through the glass - superb!

  2. Don't you wish! A fairy fancy with those wild words tamed.

  3. This is a new favorite, Robin. I felt like I was under a spell in a fairytale.