Saturday, 11 June 2016

Uneasy feeling

Slowly I came to
Trying to recall moments 
Of my time before

Flashing images
Distorted clues to my life
So many years past

Good he's coming round
Said sister as she bent over me
I'm in hospital

Uneasy feeling
Just what have they done to me
Images appear

Just three weeks ago 
I was writing a story
Of aliens on Earth

So it was true then
Humans altered for transfer
To a far planet

I started to feel
All over my poor body
I'm dreading to know

Bandages are off
By why have I got gills now
and my digits webbed?

Cute alien nurse
She now tends to my needs
This might be okay

She checks my readings
Then plants message in my mind
Good, she likes me too

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  1. I always suspected you were from another planet LOL !

  2. Have you been in our cupboards again - great poem but beware the tixylix ;)

  3. Extreme immigration! Enjoy your new home

  4. I am currently watching the series "Lost". Did you used to write for them? Very different from your usual, and yet a bit of you remains in the details,


  5. Would be fun to experience such a metamorphosis to the being and ending especially in alien country.