Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bitter you could say

This is the rooster that crowed in the morn
Far too early if you ask me
That woke the judge all shaven and shorn
To give a good impression
That married the man all tattered and torn
Who was a bit randy
That kissed the maiden all forlorn
And got her in the family way which was taboo
That milked the cow with a crumpled horn
Whose family are really furious
That tossed the dog that worried the cat
Who should have bitten the bloke instead
That killed the rat that ate the malt
That they used to make beer at home
That lay in the house that Jack built
Who is the maiden's father and is very taut angry and bitter you could say

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Bitter is a traditional English Pale Ale beer

The traditional Nursery Rhyme "The house that Jack built" has been parodied here.


  1. I would imagine he rather is - i love the play on rhyming, tale and verse - life is absurd and curious in that way!

  2. oh I love this type of rhyming,Bravo!!!

  3. That's no nursery rhyme! It's what comes before. :)

  4. A fun take on an old rhyme. There's always more to the story than what ends up in Mother Goose.