Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My wife just nodded

"I want five" I said
"All girls with pretty curls"
My wife just nodded

I had a brother
Then dozens of boy cousins
Was time for a change

She was different
Sister but no boys in sight
Was a game we played

Wife now had a bump
She spoke not one tiny word
First one was a boy

The next two were girls
So we were both satisfied
And filled with love

And they filled our home
'Til time for them to roam
Were alone once more

Then came the best bit
Grandchildren totaling six
Made us feel so young

Better still by far
For when we were both tired out
Hand them back again

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  1. Simple joys.. Robin, everything you write is a reminder that we can find joy in every aspect of life - if only we try.

  2. I've heard that's the best thing about grandchildren! What a warm poem which gives a real sense of nurturing and creating both family and home

  3. Such fullness in children becoming parents and then grandparents! That's the part I think I'd like the best--not having the scary responsibility--enjoying the children and giving them back to the parents. As a teacher and a great Aunt, I've experienced this a bit. Robin, congratulations on your latest interview with Sherry! I expect to get over there to enjoy it today.

  4. So many (✿◠‿◠) at the grandchildren verse. Stay Blessed Robin

    much love...

  5. Thanks for giving such joy Robin and to quote Gillena "Stay Blessed" :)

  6. This is such a beautiful write, Robin.

  7. This is lovely. The poem brought a smile on my face :)

  8. What a wonderful journey, so full of love and happiness. Yay! Loved this.

  9. Oh yes, grandchildren are so very rewarding! But true, it IS nice that you can hand them back again!

  10. I'm really looking forward to being able to hand them back again. :)

  11. Time and sentiment condenced beautifully.

  12. I love the coloured drawing...pleased you have derived so much pleasure from your family.

  13. lucky you the never ending love of the family line continuing and blossoming.