Saturday, 18 June 2016

A grey autumn day

It was a grey autumn day that Maud Clements died in the nursing accompanied by her few meager possessions; they were a grubby torn bible, a faded photo of her late husband and some chipped and cracked china dishes that had accompanied her from her last home. She had told her carers that they were special as they reminded her of Jack her husband. Her family came after they had been told she had gone and saw what little of her life remained; they shook their heads and told the manager, “Just get rid of it all, it’s just rubbish”. The manager nodded politely and instructed the cleaner to dispose of everything as the family wanted nothing. Amanda Perry, the cleaner collected the few pieces of Maud’s life placed them in a cardboard carton and set off for the trash bins ready to dump the lot. As Amanda dropped the grubby, torn and broken items in the bin her eyes glimpsed one little dish of a courting couple; on the back Maud had stuck a label which read, “Just like Jack and me” so she slipped it in the pocket of her uniform.

                                                  A grey autumn day
                                                Unforgotten memories
                                                  As love lingered on

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  1. I once again love how you use this form - thank heavens for people like Amanda - we all have our worth and part of it is in the meaning of our possessions and i am glad Maud's love and life carried on...

  2. Treasure doesn't need to have value. Lovely.

    My six words!

  3. Unforgotten memories As love lingered on

    Sentimental value is in itself priceless. When an underlying love 'affair' is factored in then the emotions linger on keeping the memory alive!