Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sweet scent of spring

My true love for Rose
Is like a sweet scent of spring
As I wake refreshed

You’re so beautiful
This cute young bud of nature
Sleeping by my side

What a thief she is
Who has stolen my heart away
This her only sin

How much time have we?
Before life’s loathsome thorns prick
To burst our bubble

That canker of life
Rose petals sinking in mud 
Despite lovers pleas

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  1. Great use of the words. Clever and creative.Beautiful poem.

  2. Time and reality is the biggest thief in the night...i love the image too - i bet if pressed those roses would last for longer..

  3. Rose petals sinking in mud
    Despite lovers pleas

    Great closing lines, Robin! When two heads meet emotionally charged there are bound to be trying moments. Rightly so!


  4. The rose my Father's favorite! Thanks for this one!

  5. The rose petals always seem to sink at the most inopportune times...