Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Ferry to France

So I must tell you truly
My stomach is quite unruly
As we sail across to France

It clearly is not easy
When you're feeling very queasy
Leading you a merry dance

Violent is the weather now
I really am not feeling well
So ask that you look askance

Image found at www.dover.marina-com


  1. Bleurgh - yes ferry trips are not merry!

  2. sickness is no fun but you've certainly captured it.

  3. A ship that big and top heavy is bound to do some rocking. I'd be queasy too.

  4. I once went on a whale-watching tour that hit some choppy waters. The smell of others being sick was far more nausea-inducing than the waves themselves. I felt sorry for the custodian on board and I certainly hope they are paid very well for what they do.

  5. Being tossed around but still on one's feet can be quite trying for even a short ferry journey.