Saturday, 11 June 2016

Tears in my eyes

It was our first house
Built on sandy soil
My dad laughed at me
Choosing such place

A blasted heathland
As seen in his eyes
But we both loved it
Was where our hearts were

The land spread for miles
Low scrub scattered trees
Few horses grazing
Seen from our back yard

Our dog loved it too
Scampered through the fence
To chase rabbits
But never caught them

When our kiddies came
Fresh air and much more
Great place to explore
Hawks were hovering

Some pine trees grew there
Close to the dark lake
Whispering their secrets
Swaying in the breeze

But those days are gone
Still I remember
Daughter was born there
I was midwife's aide

Been back there again
The wildness has gone
Packed full of houses
And tears in my eyes

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  1. Oh the prize of progress, when populations press against the nature... We are left alone with nothing but tears. Wonderful and sad tale.

  2. Went back recently to a place I grew up in and yes, it can be sad to see it taken over and changed to form memories for other people..strangers.

  3. You certainly show the value of living close to nature - such freedom and a sense of plenty.

  4. Sad indeed when lovely places get built over. But you have the memories.

    1. Memories can be a precious sustenance when all else is lost.

  5. Oh.. such a wonderful and intense longing to go back in time..!

  6. this is how our earlier years are lost forever, & only linger in the heart....

  7. A house becomes a home because of the people inside it and what happens there.. it is sad when that goes..

  8. Oh, I hear your sadness in this, Robin. I have driven by places that I remembered as being one way (with fond memories), only to find that they had completely changed. Sometimes one wonders if one should have revisited at all...whether it would have been better to have just kept one's memories!

  9. I experience a similar experience myself. Now there are factories and warehouses behind my first home. The fields I played in, the pond I fished in and the trees I climbed all gone. But not forgotten

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  10. The progress of time seems to steal those hidden beauties one remembers and yes it would bring a tear.

  11. The last stanza half-broke my heart. This kind of progress and I have never seen eye-to-eye. I always find myself missing what was way too much--the trees, the sand in my shoes, the nature, the wonderful memories... Yes, with "tears in my eyes".

  12. the changes in our beloved places indeed saddens.and no place is safe from the clutches of change.

  13. Really had me with this one at the line about the house built on sandy soil. This seems to be the guiding metaphor through the whole piece. Well done.

  14. What a wonderful place of heart. And so sad it has all been developed. Sigh. Your children must have had wonderful childhoods there. Sounds like the dog was happy too.

  15. It is so true we can never go home again....I have tried and it just felt like a foreign place....beautiful thoughts of special place in your memory now.

  16. Lovely title with a clear, full story that was heart felt.

    Oh, how it all changed.

    I liked all the verses, but I related to the verse: Some pine trees grew there... It reminded me of a lake I once knew as a child. A place I often yearned to have revisited.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Memories are often, bittersweet, and you've expressed that dichotomy beautifully, here. The close on this is so tender and moving.

  18. A house bulit upon the sand, merely shift and flows, just like life I suppose.

  19. Packed full of houses
    And tears in my eyes

    The nostalgic journey back and getting to view the changes to the good old place can be most poignant and sad in a good way.


  20. Really nice look back. I particularly luv how the nostalgia explodes in the last verse

    Thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime this week

    Much love...

  21. It's sad to return to a place we loved, to see it's been replaced. Glad you still have your memories which are so beautiful.

  22. I think this has happened to us all, when reality comes knocking it shows us change and nothing is the same but our memories. Sad but true.