Wednesday, 15 June 2016

As I lay dreaming

As I lay dreaming
On the summer grass
While you picked flowers
Those weeds from heaven
Which give us such delight
Do you like butter?
She asks flopping down
Placing Buttercups 
Just under my chin

We did love our walks
Hand in hand kissing
Laughing at nothing
Being together
Watching the birds fly
So high above us
And always touching
With such gentleness
Until dark clouds came

Did the wind watch us?
Sending squally notes
In tiny raindrops
To spoil the days fun
She cared not one wit
Blew a kiss skyward
Then thumbed her nose there
And laughing flopped down
For love was her way

But she had the power
The shower now eased
What a fool I was
Should have read the signs
We broke up of course
Who knows why we did
Days of love long past
How I yearn for her
As I lay dreaming

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  1. Soft as that passing shower... such a tender write!

  2. The last paragraph can be read from the bottom to the top. :-) Gentle write Robin. Memories.

  3. Sometimes the most intense feeling of love leaves...but it also leaves behind some good memories i hope

  4. Ah the winds of change - blowing in our favor one moment and another...

  5. Such a wonderfully sweet and tender write, Robin :D

  6. A beautifully tender poem. I did what Totomai said, and read the last stanza from the bottom up. Very cool.

  7. love the sweet and gentle touch....

  8. sweet yearning. All of these poems strung together are telling a beautiul story.

  9. There is a clear emphasis on the fact that the landscape today has no meaning on its own, which I think ties in with what the final stanza is saying about nature in relation to man. Beautiful.
    Ah, love from the ones who are meant to love you,.. you will never stop longing for it, Robin.

  10. Love is lovely.
    Hope there's a reunion.
    Maybe he should just go looking for her.

  11. Dreaming then and dreaming now, the wind plays a role in our most powerful memories.

  12. That is such an amazing and tender poem, I would like happy endings though. ;)

  13. Ah! How we relate the happy memories with that person!
    It's the presence or absence of someone that is so aggrieving.
    Beautifully penned... reminiscent and heart warming.

  14. Bittersweet memories makes my heart glad and sad at the same time. I like butter!!!

  15. This is truly lovely! If the wind did watch, I am sure it approved. Smiles.

  16. Days of love long past
    How I yearn for her
    As I lay dreaming

    For whatever reasons for the break-up one just can't forget those wonderful times shared together