Sunday, 5 June 2016

The girl on the train

She has hazel eyes
One glance from them I felt limp
We spoke not a word

Each morning the same
On the train we took to work
Went on for months

Then I sat by her
Only seat left in carriage
A small glance from her

My heart then softens
So I dare to speak to her
Just to hear her voice

Oh how sweet it is
Getting her to talk in this way
I could kiss her cheek

She talks about work
About her family home
I could hold her tight

I check her fingers
A small scar but there's no ring
Good she's not engaged

But her eyes notice
Then pouts, "You checking me out?"
I love her spirit

Her name is Anna
We're always together now
We sit side by side

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  1. Guess you were checking her out..but it worked out pretty well!!!

  2. Made me think of some film or TV show or another where you build someone up and then the perception of them changes as soon as they speak - i am glad in this case there was a happy ending

  3. love this narrative ending in happiness :)

  4. Ha.. yes I have heard cases like this... that daily commute could be exactly that opportunity to meet.. and just maybe each check the other out a long time before one dares to take the first step.

  5. Sometimes it seems to be fate the way things work out in such a beautiful way!!

  6. I can't stop grinning. Love the way they meet, so naturally and intense at the same time. I love that his want and admiration of her runs so deed that it's nearly scary. But then it isn't. Because it's obvious that they both wanted the same thing. And get, too. And that is just glorious. ♥

  7. Awww...that was so cute and romantic! :)

  8. I love how you eased into this noticing...thinking, contemplating and finally the opportunity...she apparently didn't mind you were checking her out! Another wonderful poem of love!

  9. ...and you didn't even use a chat-up line! Nice one.

  10. Wonderful! The stuff of dreams: delightfully "captured".

  11. Yes, "side by side"...happily ever after...maybe.

  12. A nice story, full of love and hope. Enjoyed reading this.

  13. This is AMAZING!! I read an article recently that lots of people meet on trains or buses and fall in love :) makes me smile.

  14. We're always together now
    We sit side by side

    Great ending Robin! Together now as friends or together now as husband and wife. Hank reads it both ways. When a poem presents dual possibilities it reveals one of special thoughts and of quality!


  15. blossoming love, at least acceptance. beautifully expressed :)

  16. That is such a beautiful poem

  17. aw blooming love This is beautiful