Wednesday, 22 June 2016

She had gone by fall

There was a young man
What a great lesson it was
First pain from lost love

How he loved her eyes
Her turned up nose
Touching her soft hands

She had gone by fall
The sad leaves fell from the trees
And tears from his eyes

She had looked elsewhere
Has love no resilience
What hope future now? 

Did he climb mountains
Sail across the seven seas
To find another?

I will tell you this
That he lead so many lives
And kept his secrets

One day years later
A message from far away
Can we still be friends?

Two loving people
Writing to each other still
But never to meet

Such tenderness there
That sweet breathe of young love had
Now been rekindled

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  1. love this bitter sweet one....

  2. I wonder which had more resilience, the young man and his adventures? or that first love?

  3. I think people who love us always will (i hope at least) - and as your poem suggests hopefully there will one day be an opportunity to appreciate that once again..

  4. All this digital access is making the rekindling so much easier these days!!!!

  5. Bitter-sweet. Such a lovely take on the prompt :D

    Lots of love,

  6. This is a very sweet and poignant story. Beautiful, Robin.

  7. Loved the story. Beautifully written.

  8. Lovely....such friends alter one's state of mind!

  9. Never give up - there are a variety of endings to our stories and we never know how they will end. Great story here.

  10. Can we still be friends? Sometimes it is those special friends that make the difference in our lives.

  11. Pen friends are an idealised version of friendship and are often better than the real thing. !

  12. So sad to me that they never met. I wonder what would have happened if they had!

    1. It was a short romance and it is true Mary.

  13. Becoming good friends is how a lot of love affairs turn out and that is not a bad trade at all in some cases.

  14. The love in friendship can endure much.