Sunday, 12 June 2016

The country wife

Pit, patter splatter
The rains came down from heaven
On the old tin roof

My wife grins at me
I had moaned we needed rain
When we last chatted

She’s a good lass
Been married thirty years now
Still with trim figure

We’ve always been chums
“Like your chisel jaw’ she said
At the village dance

Left me to propose
A smirk on her pretty face
Hell, I do love her

Then we both heard it
A helicopter whirring
Must be in trouble

Lemon scented gum
Now seems to shake with a fright
Swayed in the downdraft

I love that tree too
Will leave a scar on our view
If I dig that out

He lands it okay
Big storm approaching, he says
I take him indoors

“One more for tea love”
She nods, puts the kettle on
Nothing upsets her

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  1. Great haiku set Robin! The good wife is always there for the past 30 years, a privilege like no other!


  2. Great tribute to those legendary outback wives.