Wednesday, 8 June 2016

It was Friday night

Nibbling on her ears
We cuddled up together
It was Friday night

We had the front room
All to ourselves so we thought
Sue was my girlfriend

But it wasn’t long
Before her young sister came
To spoil our fun

I breathed heavily
This outlandish behaviour
Her parents bored her

My girlfriend just smiled
She wasn’t perplexed at all
She expected it

Sis made us some tea
Be glad when she has boyfriend
I heave a big sigh

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  1. The parents probably put her up to it!

  2. What's really weird is after you are married and have kids, and it's the kids who cut into the fun that way.

  3. steps.. some of us still curl up on a friday night alone with a packet of biscuits and a bottle of wine ;)

  4. the parents probably sent her. Haha love this

  5. So nice to be on good terms with their other siblings. A minor irritation this time but all's well that ends well!


  6. There's a right time for everything and everything will happen at its time :)