Saturday, 4 June 2016

The day was a howling success

We both stood stock still
Bird watching in the forest
On Queensland's coast

Looking for one bird
Hoping it would break cover
Shy Noisy Pitta

We were off the map
Lost from sight and on the move
He should be just here

We did not split up
In case that one did see it 
And the other not

We moved so slowly
Lest we frighten it away
Then sat down to rest

Quietly we drank 
And ate some food together
Then heard a faint sound

At the rear of us 
We turned to see it pecking
In the undergrowth

Flicking leaves about
Slowly disappeared from view
We grinned with delight

At the parking lot
Lace monitors were waiting
What a day this was

So then we split up
One would open up the car
But the other not

That was our best plan
To divert their attention
For our getaway

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  1. I love the sense of quietly working together - each person so tenderly supporting the other in their quest - all adventures are best shared with a special love.. although even Wonderland would be more alarming with those beasties at the end of the road

  2. Love how you framed the poem between the photos. The first, the shared object that propels the human relationship. The second one which emphasizes that relationship as the real object of the poem.


  3. A stealthy piece, this. Wonderful.

  4. Wonderful sense of togetherness in this. Sneaky, as well!

  5. What a beautiful bird! Definitely worth a few hours of sneaking through the underbrush.