Thursday, 9 June 2016

Can I walk you home?

She longed for him as he was tall and sporty but he never seemed to notice her at all.

Yes, she was a bookworm and he seemed to be such a gentle person when he wasn't playing football; not that she watched the games but that is what the boys talked about all the time.

She turned one day in class and found that he was staring right at her so she gave a little smile then turned back round again trying not to blush.

However that incident was enough, he was waiting for her at the gate as she went to catch the the bus home and he was grinning as he asked her "Can I walk you home?"

Her heart skipped a beat but she said "But won't that take you out of your way?"

"No" he replied, I found out you lived quite close to me but if we walk I'll have much longer time to talk to you."

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  1. Gotta love new romance! Even the photo is perfectly sweet...captuures the whole six sentences no less!

  2. It's such a joy when you realize the person you've been watching for a while is watching you, too! Well done!

  3. The long and short of it is that they finally got together. How nice!

    My Six Sentences

  4. see?!! See??! (sorry, I'm talking to zoe. she made a comment at the Doctrine that seemed to question what a very cool variety of stories we create each Thursday. I was maintaining that it ran the gamut, allow me to quote myself: (lol)
    "They are stories that range from provocative to sweetly sentimental, funny to horrifying (sometimes horrifyingly funny"
    Your story this week proves my point.
    good Six!

  5. Sweet story. I can she her smiling and turning away, embarrassed and excited at the same time. Did he offer to carry home her books?

  6. A man takes hints before venturing out. It reduces the possibility of outright rejection. Normally it works wonders knowing the other party is still open and just as interested!