Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Tom and Sue

I didn't have a hope
That she would ever even look at me

She had pretty curls
With a cute turned up nose
An only child so she was selfish too

But she fell over
Going back home from school
Holding her hand I took her to her home

She said not a word
Until we got to her street
Big house, walked right in dragging me in too

This is Tom, she said
Her mother got a plaster
I just stared at the tasteful interior

Was given a drink
Then was thanked for my help
Sue asked If I'd walk her to school next day

I didn't have a hope
That she'd ever look at me, but she did

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  1. charming fair prince won the day.:)

  2. Most boys dream, that a nice sweet girl would invite him to her home. Min last was just the opposite at Jim's Little Photo and Poem place this week.

  3. Sweet! Such a cute story. I love it.

  4. Perhaps he did - you never know what the other person is feeling - and actions speak louder than words..and kindness is always appealing