Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sad sweet stories

Now I stand still on life's journey
A bunch of colliding atoms
Left now with no known place to go
I crossed that line of no return
That awesome day when I was born
What nonsense life's constant cycle
Sadly 'tis a one way passage
Born to the world with no knowledge
But encyclopedic death
All that experience wasted
Like a source of hidden secrets
Toting useless stones in the heart
Lonesome lovers weeping alone
Still searching for hope in the sky
With such sad sweet stories to tell

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  1. the truth of life, I like your poem, Old Egg :)

  2. I love the title and the philosophical explosion within - i think those stories are heard and told..and if we are atoms the journey never ends..only changes form

  3. It does seem an awful waste of a lifetime of learning, Your poem hit the spot for me.

  4. Nicely penned, OE. Life exists to what end? A sure one! Maybe we do it all for the sad sweet stories.

  5. I think that perhaps our only purpose is to find a means of telling those sad sweet stories. Some, like us, do it with words, but there are so many other ways and each individual must discover that which is his/hers alone.


  6. "Sadly 'tis a one way passage"---such insightful, philosophical gems in these words :-)