Sunday, 27 March 2016

I go back there still

I went back of course
Nothing could keep me away
As I'd lost her there

There down by the sea
Where I first saw her paddling
Honey faced beauty

Picking up pebbles
Singing happy eyes shining
But then she saw me

She dropped the stones
Her hands holding them no more
She stared back at me

I waved but passed by
Walked to the beach's far end
And sat by a rock

Took out my sketchbook
The sea battering the rocks
Drawing the scene

By some miracle
Curious she came up to see
This strange intruder

She sat behind me
Watching but said not a word
Just meditating

After a few sketches
I turned round to look at her
"Want one?" I asked

First she shook her head
The changed her mind then nodded
Chose the best ink sketch

I feel guilty now
Because we became lovers
She was beautiful

Didn't last of course
My golden world turned to brass
After joyful spell

Strict parents found out
They forbade future meeting
So my earth collapsed

I go back there still
I'm still waiting for the day
When she will return

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  1. This reminded me of your mermaid series..i love the narrative style and could picture 'you'..young and sitting on the rocks happily sketching..

  2. Lot of hope at the end of the poem... maybe she will return!

  3. I agree, love the optimism at the end!

  4. you can sketch nostalgia so well - pulled along with the longing from start to finish of your poem

  5. Hope the waiting will end soon. Nice memories! :)

  6. Sometimes what one waits for comes in a different form! May the wait be rewarded...and yes, as telltaletherapy says, you can sketch nostalgia very well.

  7. Oh such a longing Robin...a pull to this place like the never ending waves!

  8. Waiting for love can take a thousand years but would still be ok!


  9. This is sketched so brightly, I can see the whole scene........I love how you began and ended in the same place, wishing for her return.

  10. You have such a knack for telling a complete story that unfolds so beautifully before the reader!

  11. A bitter sweet tale of young love. Those were the days of innocence.

    1. And for some reason, we are attracted to these bittersweet tales over and over again.

  12. Yes, we return, hoping for different endings.

  13. Sad but with memorable times hopefully one day we will read a happier ending.

  14. Nice how you recount this sad love story. I like the setting and the fact that the narrator sketches. The story is touching, because we can all remember young love. For some of us it was forbidden too. Good writing!

  15. Another beautiful vignette of love.
    I'm happy you dropped in at my Sunday Lime this week

    Much love...

  16. I have seen that idea of "return" many times, but I think more often than not, one realizes the object of one's facination was not real...or not as we thought.

  17. We wish for a return to things that can never be. The human condition.

  18. somehow the sea beckons us to fall in love. Or does it taunt us?
    A lovely place to return to if only for a moment.

  19. Thank you for another lovely, romantic tale.