Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Now I am alone

When we were married
My wife held a bunch of roses
Yet I was the one
Who received a flower that day 

When she bore our child
She proudly showed him to me
Now I was the one
That shed a tear from my eye

Then we were alone
The sun shone more brightly still
Always together 
Our sublime togetherness

Then at her life's end
Took her last sweet loving breath
I am quite bereft
Something has died within me

Now I am alone
That flower given to me
Blooms still in my heart
Then and now for evermore

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  1. Good morning! I wonder if you could revise this a bit to begin with the words that Sumana provided?

    1. Perhaps changing the title to the prompted words might do it?

  2. That is a real tribute to years of togetherness....

  3. Flowers symbolise so much and along with the emotion i really felt that in this wonderful poem Old Egg - their endurance, their beauty..their all too brief bloom but always we can remember our favourite flowers - their scent, their touch..their beauty...what they mean to us

  4. I like your poem just the way it is, Old Egg. No need to go through contortions to try to fit in the phrase "a flower was offered to me."

  5. this prompted a real wrench at the heart yet the flower seems eternal
    p.s. we both referred to the prompt rather than literally opened with it ;)

  6. Reminds me of my friend who lost her husband several months ago, and she is having a tough time adjusting.

  7. Memories and loss.
    Sad and heartbreaking.
    Fill your mind with the flowers of her
    It will sustain you.

  8. Such a gorgeous tribute....!!

  9. this is poignant and beautiful...

  10. Beautiful....Yes, flowers are poetic and can be symbolic, Robin!! Touched me...

  11. Robin, this touches my heart. I think it is my favourite of your poems. It is so beautiful.

  12. I love the metaphor. I'm sure she received a flower that day too. Grin.

  13. What wonderful memories and what a beautiful way to remember the meaning of your marriage.

  14. What are rules but to break them?
    That precious gift remains eternally close to our hearts :)

  15. This is so moving! Love and marriage and the bonds between people can cause everyone to bloom!

  16. From the first bud of life to the last bloom your words captured the bouquet of life.

  17. Someone ignored the elegance and heart rending feeling in this poem to complain about the absence of a word? Sheesh.

  18. Oh so you are the one, every time a prompt is given there will be that person who writes "outside the box"
    I enjoyed your poem none the less
    Thanks for visiting my blog to read mine; qua is an English word meaning in the capacity of; [Mom qua doctor sits in her office adjusting her stethoscope]

    much love...

  19. Bittersweet. A sweet tribute to your wife.

  20. A moving tribute..

  21. Very poignant write, Robin. I think the given line would work well as a title.