Saturday, 5 March 2016

On that starlit night

Sat around the hearth
Ancient ones began their tales
Of the distant past

They told of heroes
And their quest to save young girls
From defiant beasts

An amethyst ring
Would give them strength and power
So the story goes

Sparks flew from the fire
As we youngsters sat in awe
On that starlit night

We climbed the mountains
To fight the fiery dragons
Then swim rivers deep

Young ones fell asleep
Oblivion now their friend
Parents took them home

Wrapped in the darkness
We cared not the ground was hard
T'was a game for us

Later we would be
Now filled with these spirit tales 
Story tellers too

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  1. I love this: you have created a delightful atmospheric poem from these words - they steered me in a much darker direction.

  2. We do indeed absorb the stories around us and become story tellers in our own right - that can be magical and we can always slay dragons with our pens at least

  3. I love the image of wrapped in darkness becoming the storytellers..

  4. This poem feels wrapped with family. You brought back childhood memories for me. I love it.

    1. Before the people had language, they acted out the stories because they were the best teaching tools. I love how you bring that reality back to us and make the listeners the next generation of storytellers.


  5. I love this. It was like going on an adventure!

  6. Enjoyed the circle-of-life feel to those hearing the stories as young ones eventually became story-tellers themselves :-)