Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Skipping by

I remember the nineties
My grandparents did too
Many more years before

Yes looking back can be fun
But there's sadness too
Yearning for days of yore

We were spritely as young fawns
Laughing kissing more too
Pleasure forevermore

Now the years go skipping by
Words, numbers mixed up too
Now that I am fourscore

For everything we have gained
So much is lost
Live your life to the core

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  1. The years ARE skipping by despite the age and mix ups. I had thought they would limp! Your warning here is full of life worth the living. Thank you.

  2. Sigh... such a heartfelt write.

  3. Indeed. Live life to the fullest, cherish the laughter. Grown strong from the tears

    Happy Wednesday

    Much love...

  4. there is much joy in your words and sadness beautifully reflected in the lines....

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  6. I love "spritely as young fawns"......little did we know those days would not go on forever....sigh. But at least we had them and they were glorious, my friend.

  7. Oh, those last lines! Yes, let us live fully, to the core. Memories will not bring back the past.

  8. Right on, Old Egg! Great writing.

  9. for everything we have gained so much is lost too... so true!

  10. Very truly said of life's intricacies..
    well done friend!

  11. Right on, the summation on your last stanza is uplifting.

  12. Numbers are a sobering reminder of our mortality aren't they...maybe we should ignore them and remain fawn like inside..even if our bones click and we pay for it the next day - a skipping and :) poem

  13. So bitter sweet it is....lovely poem Robin!

  14. Remember the past, plan for the future, but surely, yes, live life to the full in the present! Well penned, Robin.