Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Rural sounds

Neighbours are such a funny lot
Some may chat but others not
Others moan and take you for a fool
As kids laugh in the paddling pool
And jump all still wet and clammy
Which pleases me and wife Tammie
They'll wake you up at morning's light
Which make your dog bark out with fright
With brutal music that you hate
That upsets us all and makes us late

I dream of living with neighbours far
For rural sounds are all I care
The chattering of birds on wing
My wife as happily she sings
Air so fresh that we all breathe in
Far from the urban smog and din
Call me proud even call me dense
Stay far from those that cause offence
Keep away from the city's grime
For this is where I'll spend my time

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  1. Nothing ruins a good planet, like people. The rural life sounds appealing.

  2. Oh yes - a field..a house with superheats broadband and no neighbours - an idyll indeed

  3. I live in a place with a five person per square mile per capita. You'd think it would be easy to find such peace and solitude. No such luck. Even from back in the hills you can hear the tires of cars passing on the highway miles away. You make me miss the ranch of my youth.