Friday, 4 March 2016

The stable boy

I stood before her cap in hand
Humbled by the queen of that land
"Come forth boy don't dither"
I gulped and shook
Tears formed in my eyes

"Now what has brought you hither"
Just like a snake I did slither
Cap in hand head bowed
Mumbled words I spoke
"You horse is dead, no lies"

She looked down her nose at me
Stable boy just five foot three
"Oh yes, I have been told
Now stop your blither
and those mournful sighs"

"You will ride with me this day
I will mount that spritely bay"
So I rode along with her
Galloping side by side
"Page boy next" she smiles

Image of Stable Boy by Chris Cummings found at

Note: So you wanted the word spritely spelled sprightly? I assumed the queen hundreds of years ago would use the former spelling of the word!

1 comment:

  1. Pixies and sprites and fairies - i think the queen would spell it exactly that way - especially given the parting smile - i feel you transported me into the painting..and that world - you are a magnificent story teller in your poems