Saturday, 12 March 2016

Another day goes by

I have lost you I know
I should buy some flowers
You liked them in the house
Would have had the place full
But still I dream of you
Thinking you are still here

Yes, they transform my flat
Have to keep them watered
It's not all shiny now
Don't dust the furniture
I miss the words you spoke
And listen to you breathe

It was so easy then
Not like the present time
My eyes water again
Don't object to cooking
Just being all alone
Another day goes by

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  1. Beautifully sad, OE. It is my hope to go before my husband. Selfish, I know, but I never want to feel that emptiness.

  2. so poignant, nicely penned :)

  3. Plaintive and sad: I hope it is fiction!

  4. When you have lost the flower in your life loneliness is even harder to bear..poignantly written

  5. reminds me very much of my father, how I imagine him in the years after mom passed, though he would never by flowers....

  6. How very sad, but real this is...


  7. You have captured the poignancy of being alone so beautifully ... it made my heart ache. Well done.

  8. a message to the missing...
    flowers and shininess
    a missive to the missed
    tears in the mist...

    poignant. I felt your sadness, longing.