Saturday, 19 March 2016

In the forest again

She calls me again
The forest's like a lover
Tall pines wooing me

The long branches sway
And warblers whisper "He's back"
Chattering surprise

Insects fly around
At first aiming attack
Then fleeing away

Soft moss underfoot
I trudge into the blackness
Trees arms embrace me

I love the quiet
Waiting I see a beige fawn
Safe by it's mother

Sky opens above
I hear unseen birds call out
High up in the trees

I reach the swift stream
No sign of drought in this place
 I sit quietly

More feeders arrive
A grunt a snort and a splash
They are in heaven

I am so in love
This is the best of all worlds
All makes sense to me

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  1. What a wonderful place the forest can be. A place and moment to reshape your life... It does make sense to me too.

  2. How wonderful to express a love of nature through personification of the forest.

  3. Sounds like heaven - or the best and safest's good to be able to go back there - when you need to

  4. I love this love song to a forest So much beauty there, and yes...this is the best of all worlds!

  5. You've captured the beauty of the forest....I am right there with you in this beautifully penned piece. Wonderful read this Sunday morn.
    New to Poets United is a special place indeed.

  6. This is beautifully written :D

  7. Your ending words echo my sentiments when I enter this sacred space!

    'I am so in love
    This is the best of all worlds
    All makes sense to me'

  8. It is a pleasure to read this, of my favourites of yours. The forest is like a lover to me, too. Loved this.

  9. Lovely write Robin - speaks to seasonal beauty and nourishment and your open hearted acceptance of such - elevating... So thank you! With Best Wishes Scott

  10. This was a wonderful poem to read today as I too am feeling the beauty of nature.

  11. Intriguing first line: 'She calls me again' and full of passion the confession in love to forest, to nature.
    Wonderful to feel this beautiful connection!

  12. The forest IS like a lover....such a gentle, peaceful, beautiful one:

    "Soft moss underfoot
    I trudge into the blackness
    Trees arms embrace me"

  13. That's it Thanks, I'm going for a beautiful walk.
    ...with my eyes a little more opened.

  14. this is just wonderful

    have a good Sunday Robin

    much love...

  15. The forest is an amazing place and you have captured it well and brought it to life Robin....truly beautiful!!

  16. With this passion in words, love can't help but follow! Nicely done, Robin!

  17. It is indeed a blessing when we can find a place on earth of which we can sayL This is the best of all worlds.

  18. With all the descriptions here, I feel relaxed reading them. A perfect poem to start the week

  19. It certainly is heavenly to be in quiet peaceful surroundings of the forest. It can even offer lots of inspirations in a relaxed mood. Lovely lines Robin!


  20. Well it's not the rain forest but your describe it beautifully anyway.

    1. I'm sure everyone would like to walk in Australian's sticky rainforests with poisonous snakes, plants and drop bears (just kidding about the drop bears).

  21. A forest revisited in memory, I think. As you and Rall say, it's not the Aussie bush. Yours is beautiful! One of my favourites of your poems. (But it is wrong of you to pretend that drop bears are just a joke.)

  22. for us urbanites, it 's always a welcome break when we embrace nature, even for a short while.
    i feel free on the off-road trails on my bike, looking out for monitor lizards and monkeys and birds. :)

  23. Such a sensual encounter with nature!