Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Just to make sure

Jake had gone out with Patsy since High School and he thought she was the real thing and they would be together forever.

Her family welcomed him every night as he came round and she was sporty and fun to be with and he imagined the future with them always together.

He loved going on long walks together both in the nearby forest and at the local swimming hole and he could imagine no other life than being with her.

So it was a complete surprise that one night after watching the telly at her place that she suggested that they should have a the field a little just to make sure.

Reluctantly he agreed despite being heartbroken but thought that he must comply to show that he was not too clingy.

A few months later his mother showed him in the local paper that Patsy had become engaged to a local bloke that lived quite close to him and Jake felt he could have fallen through the floor.

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  1. It happens that way, and it's always sad for the one left behind.

  2. The broken heart from a first love never heals and the beauty of the memory of a first love fades but always holds a sweet place within. Nice story, Old Egg.

  3. I am sure that is the story of many, it is "life," and this is what is meant to be...we never know another.

  4. eww (sorry, even a lifetime of experience doesn't take the edge off the special kind of described so well here)

  5. It was better for him to find out she was not totally in love with him...before marriage. It does not , however, lessen the hurt he feels. Wonderful story.

  6. the pain is palpable it happens often with relationships..