Sunday, 27 March 2016

Pebbles in my shoes

Heart heavy as lead
I walk that long crooked mile
Pebbles in my shoes

I knew I'd lost her
She was the light of my world
Still waters run deep

I still speak her name
Even though she has gone
To find another

I see phantoms in the mist
There's no smoke without fire
For then I was blind

But now you have come
The moon is shining brightly
A perfect princess

I'm so glad I said
Three little words "I love you"
Thank God that I did

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  1. I do hope she doesn't become another pebble in the is a risky business isn't it..but worth it for the bright and shiny..

  2. the i love you is the most important

  3. Absolutely. Love unexpressed can turn to regret. Ah...the choices we must make.

  4. Those three little words carry so much weight, don't they?

  5. Love is a commitment. Such a frightening thing,


  6. Happy for where this went. Hope it stays there. ;)