Saturday, 5 March 2016

Hungry for the bush

I must leave the city
Wail and thrum of traffic
The noise and the clatter
Endless inane chatter
No friends just enemies
With no faint praise for me
Road works and lots of jerks
Everyone a stranger
Bright lights and back street fights
Walk, don't walk, traffic lights
City darkness goodbye
Thanks a lot, had my fill

I'm hungry for the bush
Need to take that trip soon
Thirsty for the country life
Please counsel me no more
I've heard it all before
Heading up north right now
Loose myself in the woods
See eagles fly up high
Wilderness here I come
Back to my true blue home
Praise the hills for their calm
Off to my place of rest

Australian terms used: Bush         - Outback country living 
                                   True Blue  - Real Australian

Adelaide main shopping area  Image 1 found at
Mt. Remarkable National Park Image 2 found at


  1. Sometimes the city is so full of stress... The thought of finding your way to countryside like this is just wonderful.

  2. it's wonderful to be home from the clatter...

  3. I agree, the city can birth such a whole lot of stress.. would be a nice change to switch to the countryside for relaxation.
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  4. It sounds idyllic - and the rules of the city and life are absurd when broken down - but down head out into the bush just yet

  5. Oh need nature to recharge batteries!!

  6. Me need to have both to appreciate both. I still am overwhelmed when being in the city that I can walk a few minutes to a shop and buy milk and bread....the luxury of that is something only a country person appreciates or using as much water as you want rather than having to wait for rain to have a full bath.

  7. Sometimes a person just needs to get away! To have the opportunity to see eagles flying in the wilderness is a beautiful thing!

  8. There are lost of things I love about the city (for a while). But my heart thrives in the bush. I yearn for the quiet that is filled with the sounds of nature. "Hungry for the bush", indeed... ♥

  9. I think there is beauty in both worlds the city and the country. But, yes sometimes we just need a drink from that well of nature. It satisfies our thirst for stillness.

  10. Sounds like you have heard the "call".

  11. "Back to my true blue home" where finer. Sounds like time for a visit for sure. Or a move?

  12. The awesome feeling to be at home...beautiful :)

  13. I can well understand your wanting the calmer more natural lifestyle

    Have a nice Sunday

    Much love...

  14. Such contrasts of tone and imagery in these two stanzas. It's songlike in its simply wishing. Excellent piece.

  15. I was happiest living simply and pleasantly in a small town. But that was long, long ago. Life does what it does and carries us off (usually in order to keep ourselves and our children fed and warm by virtue of our work) ... Often, there isn't much we can do about it. When we can: we should. I enjoyed reading this piece, very much!

  16. The city is almost always an unfriendly location as opposed to the country-side which is more peaceful.


  17. Absolutely! That's how I feel when I visit cities, too. I have a good time with friends and family I seldom see, but in the end can hardly wait to get back to my home which is so much quieter, less polluted and more beautiful.