Saturday, 19 March 2016

Pacific pearl

I have always been pasty faced
Thus girls have been in no great haste
To share my kisses so I've been chaste
Which I think has been such a waste

Until I met this gorgeous Maori girl
We rubbed our noses for a whirl
She danced before me with pois she'd twirl
Think I'll stick with this Pacific pearl

NOTE: Pois are soft balls on cords used in Maori dancing

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  1. She can be such an attraction for those who love the challenging episodes to life's goodness!


  2. ...What you need is a no nonsense strapping Aussie sheila who can haul you over her shoulder and throw you in the back of the ute after a night out with the lads in the pub:)

  3. Good choice - but remember to use sun cream! i like the dance and the happiness :)

  4. I recon you'll have your work cut out with that one.I hope those pois aren't what's left of her last fella!

    The Toymaker - a short story