Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Without Mercy

I was so intrigued
When I saw the fire in her eyes
That wicked grin on her cute face
The night when we were introduced

"This here is Mercy"
With no other explanation
I nodded at her and she stared back
"Yeah, you'll do" and grabbed my hand

Dragged me to the bar
Where we both drank ourselves silly
Well you know the rest, she was great
I was with her a month or so

"You never asked me"
She said once in a sober mood
"About my name" So I replied
"Names are not who we really are"

"Please don't read my mind"
She said as I touched her soft arm
Then I knew it was the last time
And she was about to ditch me

Like some Greek drama
Searching always for who she was
Going through trials and torments
Never to be close to anyone

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  1. Mysterious Mercy -- departed and gone. Neat response to the prompt.

  2. No mercy, this is a very cool response to the prompt!

  3. wow i sad for the parting in the short love drama

    have a good Wednesday; thanks for dropping in to read mine

    much love...

  4. This is a fantastic take on the prompt :D enjoyable read.

  5. Unique response to the prompt... nicely done!

  6. I so enjoyed this--mercy --I think I have been her

  7. They have a way of making it regrettable when one's attention is unwittingly compromised. A beautiful teaser she is, old egg!


  8. Names are not who we are but they certainly can define us if we let them..i suppose they are signifiers...measures...i suppose mercy is relative to those who need it most

  9. I hope Mercy finds herself and loves her identity. Enjoyed the story.

  10. I thought about the name Mercy when I was writing. Some have it and some do not - a name will not help.

  11. One wonders sometimes about people's names....whether a name like Mercy would cause the person to act in a way that expresses the name or would be compelled to act rebelliously the opposite. Not sure I like this particular Mercy woman!

  12. Hmmm, the good ship Mercy disappeared into the night... I wonder why she was called Mercy!