Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Whisper to me

Whisper to me silver stream
Bubbling from the mountainside 
Of all that you've seen and done
As through this land you gently flow

From that trickle in the heights
Racing down narrow valleys
Tumbling, chuckling over rocks and falls
Rippling through the hills wide arms

Sing along with me my love
As you wend across the plain
Then you curve out of my reach
To rejoin me waiting later on

Now you quench the farmers stock
Fill his dams and watercourses
Keep his growing crops alive
Then flow right on to others call

Mighty water wheels you've turned
Powering mills and factories too
Working men say their prayers
For nought would come without you

Graceful trees grow at your side
Many creatures call you home
Man sails along and makes canals
Pipes your water far afield

Slowly you flow to journey's end
As you join the mighty sea
Rest my love your task's now done
You have reached your final home

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  1. Love this :D the opening lines set the mood of this wonderful piece :D

  2. Whispering and singing with us, it teaches the journey of our life's fuel. How beautifully rendered, totally flowing.

  3. I love how you have the generosity of spirit even to let the water find peace - there lies within your big and kind heart

  4. A salute to the mighty river...

  5. love how you've captivated the joyful flow of the river in your lines....

  6. ahh the plenitude of the river - a very visual piecing together of all its aspects

  7. So beautiful, Robin. I especially love "sing along with me, my love" as it disappears around the bend, to rejoin with you later on. I do love rivers.

  8. "Slowly you flow to journey's end"...and what a beautiful portrayal of journey this is...lovely poem, Robin.

  9. This is beautiful, I think it might be my favorite poem of yours.

  10. You have written beautifully of the river's journey. She does her task very well, doesn't she!

  11. What a beautiful poem. Made me fall into a spell and travel with the water. How grateful we must be for the river's journey. Thank you. I so much enjoyed this.

  12. Beautifully set Old Egg, tracing its progress from its source through its journey seawards (with lots of 'accomplishments' in between)


  13. this was a journey I can relate to. from its origin a little baby to the middle where it is able to provide for others to its end where it meets its king in heaven. Just like a human being and you did it so well!!! loved it!!!

  14. Water is sacred and divine! Beautiful poem!

  15. What a lovely flow your poem has, mirroring the river's journey...

  16. What a lovely ride you let us share with you. Your poem made me feel so calm, I didn't want it to end.

  17. The poem flowed like a river...from the bush to the of your best !

  18. What a lovely poem! I felt buoyed up by your words, Robin, as if by waters of a river.