Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The old dusty bottle

Edmund had kept the precious bottle of wine for many years in a cool dark place saying "We'll open that on our anniversary" to his wife Jean but sadly she sought the company of angels before that event.

Heartbroken, even he forgot that old dusty bottle now aged to perfection in the cellar and became a recluse living in the past.

Old Man Time's hand then too reached down for Edmund for him to pay his respects to those in heaven.

Edmund's family came down from up north to the funeral and dispose of the furniture and effects but there was nothing they wanted except a few family photos.

So they arranged for their father's next door neighbors, the Burke's to arrange the disposal of everything else and told them to take anything they fancied and even paid them for that service.

Jim Burke and his wife happily did that as they had been friends with the old couple for many years and soon the place was emptied except for the cellar and they were surprised to find a bottle of Australian Penfold Grange 1971 wine there worth the best part of $1000 waiting for them. 

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  1. Neat! You really have a way with words snd spinning a story...i love lines like this one:..."sadly she sought the company of angels before that event." Im so happy you followed the SSS from Josies plsce!

  2. a moral and an entertaining story…. that's what a good Six Sentence is! nicely done

  3. Beautiful, Old Egg. Since the couple themselves were never able to share the precious bottle of wine, I am happy that it ended with the neighbors who knew and loved them and could toast them memory, rather than with family who saw little value in what had been left behind.

  4. Oh, this is a great spin - love it! And I really love this line... "sadly she sought the company of angels before that event" That's lovely.

  5. It would have been ruined in the SA ferocious heat anyway. Hope you survive this summer. Your recent bush fires were horrendous. I pray I never get caught up in one of those. Looks like it is going to be a hell fire summer..... Stay cool !

  6. Beautiful story, and I like the outcome. Their precious bottle of wine ended up in the hands of those that really cared for them.