Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A battle is fought

Our calm now broken
Skies give way to invaders
Ragged clouds now groan

The view is darkened
By unsightly bullying
Pushing and shoving

Spitting with wild rage
Now threatening destruction
To drive us indoors

Seen from the windows
We the conflagration
A battle is fought

The wind howls with pain
A deluge now descending
To feed the good earth

Image found at www.m.the


  1. Pretty scary with the clouds gathering above me at this moment!

  2. this is such a colourful way to describe a storm. I love it!

  3. I was just going to pop down the shops, but now I think I'll wait a while!

    Rosey Pinkerton's blog

  4. That last line is such a kicker after the violence in the sky. :)

  5. The heavy rain is the final outcome of the gathering storm. It can be a conflagration, that's powerful and menacing!


  6. I love the break rain can feel almost cleansing at times - though not when delivered in apocalyptic proportions...a philosophical and almost sci-fi write from you Old Egg - we love ;)

  7. Yes, a strom can be that way, or rain can come so gentle, like a kiss.

  8. I love a good storm like the one you have described!