Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Finding solitude

Not a whisper of sound
All is placid today
The sun now wakes yawning
For to wish me good day

The hens they are scratching
The cat settles for sleep
He'll not tell his story
His dark secrets will keep

The wild things now call me
I head for the forest
To commune with nature
Those dear friends I love best

The owl will be sleeping
His crop now full of mice
The red fox slinks away
Sees me, gone in a trice

I rest by the streamlet
Water gurgling away
It counts not the day's hours
Nor what others say

In the distance a church bell
Calling faithful to pews
Rooks call high up above
Gossiping their day's news

I sit on a tree stump
A snake slithers away
I breath in the freshness
To refuel my whole day

The forest accepts me
For I do it no harm
It's where I feel welcome
When I leave all is calm

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  1. A great poem of communing with nature.

  2. I like your take on the prompt. There is something about being surrounded by the forest and its creatures that makes a person know all's right with the world! I feel tranquil just reading your words.

  3. Stanza 5 is so very wonderful. The whole poem is just what joing with nature should be - observant, respectful, treading lightly. The rhythm itself is like a slow meandering.

  4. This is where peacefulness resides, for certain. I especially loved the appearance of the owl and the red fox!

  5. What a fine contrast--the church bells calling the faithful and the narrator faithfully being mindful in the forest calm. The rhyme and rhythm add a touch of rocking like in a cradle of peace. This is definitely not a short form, but I don't see what you could possible take away to bring this peace to us!

    1. The piece was written before the 17 line rule was posted. I thought I might make each stanza two lines then it would only be 14 lines! So I thought no, I will take the punishment!l

  6. Verse 5, is my favourite of this enchanting communion with nature

    Thanks for stopping by to read mine

    Much love...

  7. This is such a melodic beautiful song of a poem...a hymn for nature! Love it!

  8. 'The sun now wakes yawning' esp. fave of mine. Musical piece and calm feelings from union with nature so warming up....nice.

  9. Nature is the place where we can feel delightfully at peace. Connecting with Nature is the best thing ever. Lovely poem :)

  10. To find a place of acceptance is no mean feat and once found must be savoured...i think this place sounds be leave calm is the very best we can hope for in any given day

  11. I experienced every part of this! Thank you!

  12. Idyllic ~ these lines are a breath of fresh air in themselves :)

  13. I like the call to nature, very restful indeed ~

  14. Communing with Nature is so therapeutic. And your poem is truly tranquil.

  15. Delightfully bucolic take on the prompt. Well-written and induces in the reader that wonderful feeling of tranquillity that being in unspoilt countryside brings