Saturday, 28 November 2015

Keep on writing

I'm always tired now
Even at the break of day
At the sun's welcome

I wept late last night
Silly me looking at photos
All those old ones gone

It is a struggle
To remember all their names
Relatives and friends

They had mixed feelings
Who said it was not much fun
Approaching a ton

I had a look at 
Their black and white photographs
When times were hard

One did say to me
That he did not look forward
To being a freak

I'm reading a book
The hundred year old man who
climbed out the window

and disappeared by
the Swedish author who is 
Jonas Jonasson

Hope I'm that active
And use all my memories
To keep on writing

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This is my 99th post to Sunday Scribblings 2. I missed a prompt last Christmas when I was in the wilds of Tasmania!


  1. Good for you. When you turn 100 you will receive a letter from the Queen. Hope you are keeping cool and cheerful . You need another adventure. Maybe Komodo Island to see the Komodo dragon:)

    1. There are enough scary thing in Australia to satisfy me, thank you. I see one in the mirror each morning.

  2. Not true I am sure Old Egg - re the mirror...i love the composure in this piece..i have not read the book but i feel you have left me with a better of having been - which is harder than people assume it to be...especially if we consider how many windows (maybe not literal) we have to climb out of in life..

    1. Oh yes - keep on writing - 100 SS2 post next week :)

  3. You poor old soul! Keep writing mate, at least that way your fingers will get plenty of exercise!

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