Saturday, 21 November 2015

That inescapable fact

She knew that the truth
Was that I loved her so much
And so tenderly

We were miles apart
In our age and our thinking
But that changed nothing

Just to kiss her nose
Even to brush her long hair
Would be a delight

To breathe in her scent
To walk along holding hands
Never letting go

So we were in love
That inescapable fact
Was not lost on us

There for us always
We do not talk about that
It's all about trust

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  1. I trust that this is not a one way trip?

  2. Trust is all...i wonder..if unrequited love becomes requited does it seem quite so desirable - what would we dream about then

    1. I can confirm that this is the case - as can my waist measurement - sigh...but yum ;)

    2. Nothing lasts not even Victoria sponge cakes.

  3. Great haiku, OE. I am going to work at writing haiku as well the first of the year. It should be a challenge. I think I'll just write one "verse".

  4. I've been there! Your second verse brought it all back to me, as did the last.

  5. Beautifully written .. and yes, it's all about trust! Bastet