Saturday, 7 November 2015

The anxious beau

Mysterious ways has the human mind
Shining then saddening to despair
For I am grumpy like an angry bear

Surely there's happiness we could find
If we could only live in our dreams
Comforted by sun's and moon's bright beams

If only you could see me and not be blind
I would swagger as we met each day
Sadly we pass with not a word to say

I note your hair and your eyes so kind
But with sorrow you don't see me there
Surely it's not that you have no care

I think that one day you'll look behind
And will smile and greet me as a friend
This love I have you'll comprehend

Then my pride will be undefined
That this miracle has been achieved
So I can swagger, my fears relieved

My anxious brow be no longer lined
Dark sorrow from my mind would go too
With our wrists entwined as lovers do

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  1. I suppose you never know what is going on in the other persons mind - perhaps they are waiting for a sign too...hopefully the day will come when they catch each others eye..and hopefully it matches up to expectation - sigh - another captivating poem and a wonderful last line

  2. It's nice to capture the moment of anticipation, the best...

  3. amazing sentiments.
    sometimes, we expect unexpected and end up confused.