Sunday, 1 November 2015

Family in waiting

We wait hopefully
Mum's in hospital again
Having number four

Dad's cooking dinner
Calamity expected
Calmness doesn't reign

Minutes turn to hours
Jimmy now eyes the jam jar
Oven now smoking

Dad mutters strange words
As glass dish breaks on the floor
Table is now laid

We three now sit down
It's difficult not to laugh
There's not much to eat

Burnt and wrinkled food
With ketchup it still tastes bad
Dog sneaks off outside

Good effort, says Dad
Get's tinned plums and rice from store
Just don't tell your Mum

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  1. Sometimes calamity (not catastrophe) brings out the best in families..power cuts...water switched off...if nothing else even in dysfunctional families no one can see what to hit...although this scene/poem as ever is full of love and warmth..and giggles..

  2. That could have been my father! As for me I was - still am - the cook in the family!

  3. We do get used to "how things are," but sometimes, there is an interruption and we do the best we can....

  4. Ha. I love the picture. Important - to keep positive attitude no matter what!