Saturday, 14 November 2015

Waiting for his chance

Seven small sparrows
peck, peck, still pecking
sat on the dishes rim
and the icy surface
where once water was
filled to the very brim

Black cat watches them
looks with greedy eyes
silent in his stance
at this morning feast
moves not one muscle
now waiting for his chance

Dog meanwhile is sitting
at the windowsill
looks right then to left
barks as pussy moves
birds flutter away
freezing cat is bereft

Master laughs out loud
pussy now walks aloof
to level up the score
scrapes a hole to use
scrambles off up fence
nameless cat seen no more                                                                                                         

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  1. I like the descriptions, the details and the humour :) lovely poem!

  2. I love the alliteration and rhythm in this piece (the opening verse reminded me of the nursery rhyme Two Little Dickie Birds)..but then the cat...fickle beasts...and the laugh of master...turned it into a touch of Poe...what a feast...although maybe not for the poor birdies..

  3. I love the play of action between all the animals. This brought a smile to my face. Really liked the cat slinking way at the end,