Wednesday, 25 November 2015


My thoughts are jumbled
No longer can I see straight
Age wearies me now

Mirror where am I?
My illustrious past gone
Gurgling down the drain

Young man do you hide?
Gone my habitual ways
Frail in mind and limb

I scent treachery
Where have all the flowers gone?
I feel so weedy

Lover where are you?
Pretty girls all in a row
They look not on me

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  1. Where have all the flowers gone...yes..a question i ask a lot...the world certainly throws up these big questions when it is trial enough to find the right pair of socks in the you never know whose looking at you...

  2. Age wearies me now
    Mirror where am I?
    My illustrious past' gone

    Aging is an equalizer. One comes to it or one achieves it. Either way one is given time to reflect, - what if, on what experienced and what it could have been!


  3. Age can wear us down or we can wear it boldly, loving each and every inch of the wrinkles we now wear and making new experiences to enjoy and share as we go on even if it's just with friends.

  4. I wonder if old women are thinking the same about the boys.

  5. With old age, it is natural that flowers will fade. Beautiful poem.

  6. It's a very shallow society....we all have a use by date :)

  7. The richness of age is not appreciated by most but we have to set about and wear lot's of purple!