Saturday, 21 November 2015

Winter's coming

Now far from the barbaric world
I hide in my forest retreat
Late afternoon stroll with my friends
Blackbirds whistling in the bushes
Autumn leaves snowing from the trees
Now whirling around at my feet
Rhythm of the woodpeckers beak
Making ready his winter home
Pantomime performance takes place 
As squirrels stash their winters feast
Their cheeks full moving back and forth
Overhead the stillness now pierced
By hunting birds of prey screaming
Like arguing bawds in a city street
It's been a bad day for business
Setting sun now darkens my path
I breathe in the scent of evening
Nearby owl ruffles his feathers
Preparing for his long night shift
But I feel calm now all is well
So I make my way slowly home

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  1. A lovely poem ... it gives me a feeling of serenity (but this line might perhaps be wrong (?) "Making reading his winter home") ... it's marvellous how being with nature can make one feel calm ... Bastet

  2. I went wandering in the woods yesterday and that's pretty much what I experienced. You painted a delightful picture here Mr E.

    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  3. owl imagery is cool here.
    love the wisdom insights.

  4. I'm at the edge of the 'burbs... but I can visualize every step you've taken here. Thanks for visiting the latest 'BeeBee' mystery.