Thursday, 5 November 2015

Close to her

I was doing my duty at another boring cocktail party of a friend trying to look interested as people talked, laughed and joked around me while I observed others in the room wondering if I slipped away whether anyone would miss me.

More couple were coming through the door and as I glanced that way I noticed a raven haired beauty arrive accompanied by her husband, beau or whatever who seeing a male buddy left his partner who then searched the room for someone she knew to talk to.

It was then that our eyes met and we both stared at each other for ages which in reality was only a couple of seconds and when I raised my glass to her she hesitated at first then slowly made her way through the crush of people to be at my side.

There and then, close to her I was astounded for her eyes were laughing at me as I told her my name and she told me hers; I got her a drink all the time drinking her in myself and in the end I blurted out "You are so beautiful, I would never abandon you in a place like this for others to steal you away."

"Is that you intention?" she asked smiling as dimples formed in her cheeks and by that action prompted me to let my right hand reach down to touch her left hand to check the rings on her fingers.

She leaned close to me and said "I was warned about you, I am glad to find that all they said about you is true, so what is your plan?"

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  1. awright!!! (lol... when my maturity catches up, I'll come back with a better, albeit equally genuine Comment)

    ...oh yeah, FRIST!

  2. Nothing nicer than a bit of romantic conspiracy. I'm thinking she's been longing for more excitement than Mr. Whoever was giving her, and by ditching her at the party he gave her full license to entertain herself as she saw fit. I think another chapter to this tale is in order, I'm curious as to how it all works out! :-)

  3. Im with Clark...thats a little bit of!

  4. The boring cocktail party, where everyone else is seemingly having fun, is a great setting for this playful romance.

  5. Ohhh, I LOVE this! I especially love the line "I got her a drink, all the time drinking her in myself."

  6. A cocktail party, drinks, and boredom set the stage for his desired close relationship, and the writer has more material in store, no doubt.

  7. I love how romantic this is, although not so if you were her escort!