Saturday, 28 November 2015

Jealous eyes

Do you remember years ago
Life's adventure was growing up
You just couldn't wait to begin

From baby steps to giant leaps
Never was much beyond our dreams
Sky the limit and much, much more

No door was ever closed to us
For that never entered our mind
The mayor might give us a prize

But that age has now passed us by
Forgotten now by one and all
Our target now is just good health

Senior ways now do hold us fast
With aching limbs and greying hair
We watch the young with jealous eyes

Image of old men watching cricket found at www.the


  1. Nicely written ... so much in a hurry to grow up ... so wishing we were young again ... how to reconcile ourselves to young without envying them. Bastet

  2. Another treasure trove Old Egg..i suppose we will all hit the front row seats..maybe that has it's own pleasures - thermos with a nip or two in pressure as regards work in the morning..pluses and minuses...but how quickly we get retrospect at least

  3. A brilliant summing up of what the future may bring. At my age I supposed I ought to relate to your words but happily (touch wood) I don't. Off for a jog - see you later!

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  4. Hit the surf and jump up and down in the waves....this will make you smile !

  5. I like it, O.E. Reminds me of the the then and now, good job.
    Also it reminded me that I didn't have the freedom your poet had. I was severely repressed then and am somewhat now. Marriage brings the 'now' situation to a lot of guys.

  6. incredible ...
    memory does help us know the changes in between.

  7. a perspective is seen,
    love the focused title.