Saturday, 24 October 2015

Your cute face

Salamanca Markets, Hobart, Tasmania

When walking through the market place
Loud shouts and calls to buy their wares
Fruit and veg, bottled jam and crafts
Suddenly I saw your cute face

You searched a stall with lots of bling
Checking earrings and girly stuff
I note your hands and long brown legs
You turned, smiled and my heart did sing

"Do I know you from so long ago?"
I asked when I approached up close
She laughed and shook her head in fun
"My Dad's your boss, didn't you know?"

"Let me buy you that" I spoke up
As I tried to recall the time
Then persuaded her to have a chat
With me over a coffee cup

I loved her nose and sparkling eyes
We talked of lots and made a date
"What will your father think of this?"
She said, "I'll tell you now, no lies"

"He says you're better than others there
You have potential, so he says
I'm so pleased you have checked me out
I want a man who has some flair"

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  1. This sings like a love struck prince at a harp...i do so hope his dream isn't shattered...although maybe in your hands fairy tales can come true ;)

  2. Boss' daughter ... Recipe for disaster!! :)

  3. Love this - such a delightful read :D :D

  4. Ah... this is almost like getting the princess and half the kingdom.. hope it's alike that... :-)

  5. Delightful ... and nice to see the Market. (It may be some time before I do so again in person.)

  6. I sense that this could go either way! I don't know if the risk would be worth it. Smiles.

  7. I love this upbeat story. I can see her face clearly and she is cute!

  8. A story poem with a happy ending! I like the flow of conversation and the attention to detail.

  9. sounds as if it was a successful day of shopping!
    lovely little witty ending as well. :)

  10. Oh what a chance meeting although I am not so seems perhaps she has been checking him out. There is always risk dating the boss's daughter.

  11. 'flair' on the market always at higher cost...

  12. A very interesting rhyming scheme to this piece ... which lightens up a ticklish encounter that has the potential to move in epic directions - calamity to kismet (and all points in between) ... though, a romantic adventure (or misadventure) nonetheless. A fun read.

  13. Lighthearted, feels like I'm there.

  14. One gets to feel young reading this old egg! Good things brewing obviously!


  15. Neat story! bling and flair are what she's after. Is it true? Did the two ever get to talk beyond the looks of things?

    1. Susan I am a consummate liar when I write. Who knows what would happen if I wrote a sequel?

    2. Good to know! Have fun with the sequel.

  16. So he has approval from his boss and he got the girl ~ a very charming guy he must be :)

  17. One never knows when out to buy some veggies...captured by a cute face.

  18. The boss's daughter well done on the comedy cliche.

  19. It was fun to find this poem with its playful energy and everyday setting.