Saturday, 24 October 2015

Baddies wearing black

Teenage mania
Those B grade movie westerns
Gunslingers and tarts

Baddies wearing black
Sheriff chewing tobacco
Spit-wad in street's dust

Our clean cut hero
In love with girl in whorehouse
Seen on balcony

Town out of control
Stranger locked in oubliette
Innocent of course

Melon shaped dumb clown
Now fumbles to help town out
Dies in the attempt

Fast chase on horseback
Indian brave helps hero
Dies in touching scene

Rattlesnake now shows
But is shot from fifty yardsl
Hero now ambushed

Fierce gunfight now ensues
Six baddies now all shot dead
Hero has small flesh wound

Smites evil in this town
Wakes sleeping whore with a kiss
Vanilla sky ends

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  1. Well i think you have summed up the Western up with great aplomb Old Egg - brings back many a Saturday afternoon - pow! as the bullet hits the tin can of destiny

  2. Sounds like my town on a Saturday night! Great stuff.

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  3. Wonderful how you summed up all those B westerns in one piece.

    Thanks for visiting.