Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Of being alone

I look at the words
And wait to be fired up
But shake my head sadly
I want to be inspired
Write a love story
With a touch of tenderness

I think of a kitchen
Peeling the vegetables
Of igniting the cook top
The chores of the lonely
Of being alone
Washing the greasy pans

Just where are your arms
Holding me so tight
It’s hellish without you
I can’t breathe you in
Or hear your sweet voice
And look in your green eyes

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  1. The one occasion when the Mrs is sorely missed more for her expertise! Very true old egg!


  2. Mundane jobs are the rhythm of life..when shared perhaps they sing rather than ache...when we are alone how loud and jarring they can feel...and yet without them would we give up all together?

  3. This is really well done. I love the feeling of authenticity.

  4. this truly beautiful sentiment; you can feel the longing for her with the green eyes

  5. This is very sweet. And I like her "green eyes" at the end. Plus, it is so real.