Sunday, 4 October 2015

Dreaming of you in autumn

I awake                                                                       
My dreams of you gone                                           
Fragments of the past disappear                           
Who has stolen you away?                                                
Gone from my side                                                   

Still dark night                                                           
Tears fall from my eyes                                            
The clock says three fifteen dimly                                     
Erotic moments have passed                                      
Alone once again                                                    

Have I changed?                                                      
Do you watch me still?                                             
Who was guilty of your theft?                                 
How I dread the morning’s light
Leaves fall sadly                            

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  1. Three fifteen dimly is the line that got me the most in this touching poem Old Egg..morning can be a mixed blessing...for a second you don't quite remember what is..and that it comes crashing back..sadly

  2. Sad and evocative....sure, she is watching you....

  3. Oh gosh, this is so sad. Hopefully, there will be more erotic moments in the future - not that I'm offering by the way! That's not to say you are....I'm digging myself in a hole here. Help!

    Check out my Whirligigle!

  4. Those first moments in the morning, that's what caught me. They can be so many things and one never knows...


  5. I love that you referenced the falling leaves, which are so beautiful in their way, like nothing else. With deep and meaningful reference.

  6. I hate it when I wake up and there are only fragments left of some pretty darn good dreams!